We have details of children's party entertainment, party venues, party goods and more, all local to you!

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Kids Party Services & Products

We've put together a straightforward guide to the sorts of party services and products that you might be interested in. 

Also see our Party Planner and Party Ideas pages for even more info!

Party Entertainment

Covering a wide variety of different types of Entertainment activity that the children will enjoy doing at their party, be it at home or at a paid for venue.  Key words can be searched for example Pamper-party providers, bead-making, face-painting as well as the full range of activity leaders that will bring their Entertaining Activity to your party, this could be almost anything from Disco & D.J, Craft & messy play, Gymnastics to Baby signing.

You can book a themed drama party leader who will arrive in costume & character to make the party one of fantasy, awe & fun!  Original games, stories and imaginary characters and places will keep your party group entertained for a minimum of one hour, an unforgettable treat for your little one and their friends!

We do recommend that you choose an entertainer that takes the time to discuss your requirements.  Check all that is included on the day and the amount of time it will take.

You can also buy-in products to entertain your party guests at home or at a chosen venue - these can include activities such as Arts & crafts, Paint a t-shirt or Pottery painting. Other Entertainment could be part of your venue such as a Soft play centre, Sports centre or Pottery studio (see Party Packages).

Bouncy Castles

All children love bouncy castles and other inflatable add ons such as slides. The key here is space, either a big hall with a high ceiling or flat outside space (and some luck with the weather!) is essential.

The choice size, type and theme of bouncy castles is massive. Discuss with the supplier your requirements and also ensure that you understand the costs including deposit and any insurance requirements. At the party, make sure that the bouncy castle is supervised at all times by at least two adults.


No party is complete without balloons! Balloons are great as decorations, for games and going home gifts.  Professional Balloon Decorators are available or you can find a wide choice of balloons at card or party stores on-line. A lot of card shops also have helium balloons and you can even buy a canister to do your own.

Video Game Parties

Children love video games but rarely get the chance to play their favourite games together with all their friends without ruining someone's front room! Enter thevideo game party Gamewagon a mobile video game theatre with all the latest consoles, age appropriate games and enough controllers for everyone to play. All you need is a place for them to park and they do the rest, whilst you kick back and relax basking in the fact you are the coolest parents for miles.

It is important that you stick to the age restrictions on games. What you let your kids play is not necessarily the same as others. The company providing the games will be able to advise fun and appropriate games that get the party started and get everyone involved. The same applies for technology, VR is only for those over the age of 13 due to health and safety risks with the eye sight development for younger gamers, not to mention the fact it is very insular rather than a group activity.

Gamewagon are the UK experts and will ensure your gamers are looked after and are the talk of the playground come Monday morning. Visit www.gamewagon.co.uk or call 0845 319 4263 to discuss availability.

Decorations and Tableware for Parties

Colourful plates, paper cups, napkins, tablecloths and banners are essential for a party table. You can buy virtually any colour or theme that you can think of so you’ll be able to match your party theme without too much trouble.  Some won’t be recyclable because of the printing process so do check this before putting party tableware in your green bin.

Party Venues

There is a wide choice of venues both inside and out around your local area.  Your own home, local community venue or a commercial party venue such as a soft play centre. The venue will often dictate party numbers and theme with community venues often accommodating larger numbers. See also 'Party Packages' below!

Party Packages

Many commercial party venues such as Soft Play Centres, Sports Centres and Activity Centres offer a party package which often includes food, gifts or party bags and entertainment as well as access to the venue.  These can have "themed rooms" for the party and an organiser to help the party run smoothly.  Activity Centres can provide parties for Football, Paintball and Laser games!. Other venues offer Bowling, Go-Karting.....and more!

Party Organisers

These people can provide a one-stop party service, organising and supervising the whole day, co-ordinating the food, entertainment, games and tidying up afterwards!! You can often choose how much or how little of the birthday experience you may want help with, leaving you to relax and enjoy the party too!! 

Cakesparty cakes

What is a party without a cake?!  There are lots of recipe and decorating ideas to make your own cake or you can choose and order a variety of cakes online or locally.  You may find the perfect cake...just what your little angel would like or you may have some weird and wonderful designs and specifications from your child that can be accommodated by a professional cake maker who knows how to adapt!!  Why not try the new 'cake pops', like these Despicable Me ones!

Party Bags

For a child, what isn't there to love about them? They get the goodies. And in the main we aren't talking about the sort of things most of us used to get as kids: a piece of cake – and if we were really lucky a piece of cake and a soggy paper party blower. A survey by Tesco last year revealed that the average spend on a child’s party bag is now £7.48! No wonder they get excited.

Don't worry though - you certainly don't have to spend this sort of money.
Use a bit of imagination and you can come up with some great bags. There are countless options before you for all budgets and, whereas it always used to be the parents that had to put them together, there are now some really good companies out there that can do all the hard work for you.

arty Stationery

Themed, personalised, embossed, glittery!!!! Invitations or Thank You Notes or any stationery your require.  There is a vast amount of stationey available through party suppliers - what is your childs favourite?  Personalised cards and party invitations add a special touch and are available from many online retailers such as Hallmark - and are often posted the same day! 


Here is your opportunity to let go off the catering apron strings (if you ever had hold of them!!) and let somebody else slave in the kitchen to enable culinary delights and the party theme to come alive for your child and their guests! You can choose excactly how nutritious or not the food will be and again different budgets can be catered for!   

Fancy Dressparty fancy dress

Who do you want to be? 
A Cowboy, A Cheerleader, Harry Potter? A fairy, a Disney Princess ...or perhaps a pirate?
From the popular themes to the unusual ones, many fancy dress providers cover all ages (Yes - parents, you can dress up too if you wish!)  Buy or Hire.


Now if a big display is your thing then you really can start  the event off with a bang!!!  From custom designs with the party persons name to a few favourite fireworks there are various options.  Always remember if you are doing the fireworks yourself to READ the instructions on the firework, and DO WHAT THEY SAY!  If you buy British Standard Fireworks AND you use them according to the instructions you should have a safe and enjoyable display.

Gifts and Toys

There is a vast array of gift & toy shops locally and on-line or visit our own Birthday Presents Ideas page!  You may be looking for something unusual or wacky or you may be looking for something personalised and special, either way the choice is endless. 


With every momentous birthday that our children have, from the very first with the one candle cake we want to have photoes and film to treasure for now and as the years pass by!  Lifestyle photographers, formal, casual... Photographers often describe the experience they want to portray in their photography.  Catching the birthday moment can be achieved in different ways and to suit different budgets and requests.  Ask to see portfolio's of previous work and make sure the photographer understands excactly what your requirements are for the day!!!